Golf Academy @ 364

What all great players do but can’t explain!

"I never know why I hit the ball well.  I just know when I’m doing it.”

Ben Hogan

"I once hit a 5-iron 160 yards, then 200 yards.  This is when I realized the whole game was rhythm.  I never worked on anything since.”

Sam Snead

"I started thinking about mechanics.  And I’m a feel player.  I went blank in my mind.  The experiments over.”

Payne Stewart

“The one idea for a golfer to have in mind when over a golf ball is to swing the club head.”

Bobby Jones

“Only a swinging motion gives you the feel of having rhythm”.

– Hale Irwin

"I play by feel.”  

- Jack Nicklaus








Don DeAngelis PGA


He began competing at a young age and won the Philadelphia Jr. Tour in 1969 before going on to play for the University of Pennsylvania.  During his career, Don has won more than thirty Philadelphia PGA tournaments, competed in three major championships, including the U.S. Open and won the Pennsylvania Open in 1985.  Don has consistently placed among the top 3 professionals for Senior Player of the Year in the Philadelphia PGA.  He was nominated 10 times as Philadelphia teacher of the year.


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