Look what Golf364 has to offer...

​   Golf364 is an indoor golf center featuring Foresight Sports GC2 Performance Simulation.  We are conveniently located at Linfield National Golf Club in Linfield, PA.  Golf364 uses Foresight Sports GC2 launch monitors for unmatched accuracy and performance-enhancing analysis that matters  including verifiably accurate back and side spin data that gives you a true-to-life depiction of each and every shot. All of this on 33 world-famous golf courses in stunning high definition. Come and see for yourself what the major club manufacturers already know, GC2 performance simulation is unmatched!

  • Six customized hitting bays

  • League Nights

  • Private Parties

  • Corporate Events

  • Club Fitting

  • Lessons

  • Range Time

  • Hourly Rentals

  • Simulator Sales & Installations

​Our Story

   Fast cars, lose women, a motorcycle, sounds like a mid life crisis to me.  I chose golf.  Make your hobby your job and never go to work!  Six years, 1000's of hours, tons of

people, and I haven't worked a day since 2011!  

   Step back to 2007 U.S.Open at Oakmont. I met up with my life long friends to play around at St. Clair CC, a beautiful track outside Pittsburgh and hit the Open. After a 20 year layoff, kids, mortgages, jobs, the bug was back. Somehow I would get into the game I loved so much as a kid.

   I started experimenting with artificial greens.  Bad idea.  A 2 man auger thru me like a rag doll.  At the time I was renovating our basement and planned on adding a "crude" simulator.  The rest as they say, is history.

   Years of researching, business plans, visiting other facilities, more business plans, locations, PGA Shows, more research, more business plans, a partner, money, more business plans, 6 months of sweat equity, and finally opening the doors at Linfield National in 2013.  

   Since then we have learned a lot.  We don't hit the ball as far as we think!  Golfers have huge egos.  The computer counts all the strokes and does it very well.  As many excuses inside as there are outside. "My ball never does that outside!"  Classic!  We have met a ton of great people and some others that........enough said!  We have learned there are a ton of "experts" in our business.  "You should do this or that.  We learned that telling time is a lost art.  My favorite is, "we were on the driving range for 15 minutes."  Time can get away from you!  And the list goes on and we have loved every minute.

   Golf364 continues to evolve and most recently secured a distributorship with Foresight Sports.  We now sell, install, and distribute the #1 launch monitor technology in the world.  We have been with Foresight since their infancy and continue a strong relationship with some good people and great technology.  A very exciting time at Golf364.  We now combine our passion for construction, knowledge of the technology, understanding of the industry, keen sense of design, with our people skills.  A natural for Golf364!

   Stay tuned as we continue to grow.  A big thanks for some great friends and supporters.  It's all about the people that make up the Golf364 family!  You are cherished!!